A truly distributed, linear scalable, lightning-fast graph database.


Nebula Graph Features

Open Source

We are looking forward to collaborating with the community to popularize and promote the graph database.

High Performance

Nebula Graph provides low latency read and write, while still maintaining high throughput.


Nebula Graph's SQL-like query language is easy to understand and powerful enough to meet complex business needs.


With role-based access control, Nebula Graph only allows authenticated access.


With shared-nothing distributed architecture, Nebula Graph offers linear scalability.


Nebula Graph supports multiple storage engine types. The query language can be extended to support new algorithms.


With distributed ACID transaction support, Nebula Graph ensures data integrity.

Highly Available

Nebula Graph guarantees high availability even in case of failures.

When to use

Nebula Graph is purpose-built to store and navigate relationships. It has advantages over relational databases for use cases in social networking, knowledge graph, fraud detection, etc., where you want to harness the connections between data.

Social Networking

Social Networking

Nebula Graph allows you to store user profiles and interactions such as friendships, customer interests, and purchase histories. Based on that, business applications can make personalized recommendations.

Recommendation Engines

Knowledge Graph

Nebula Graph's SQL-like query language and its support for complex semantics make building knowledge graph applications easier.

Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection

Nebula Graph's lightning-fast graph navigation capability enables business to detect frauds in real time.

Fraud Detection

And More...

Besides the use cases mentioned above, Nebula Graph can also find its usage in IoT, network and IT operations, data management, etc.