Combatting Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity has been called by many in the federal government as the next big threat to a country’s national security. For businesses, everything from corporate espionage to elaborate hacking schemes are daily threats.

Desired Results

Organizations need useful tools to be able to track how these threats emerge so they can counter them. This means being able to find meaning to the various incidents and transactions that take place during attacks. Furthermore, by being able to more deeply analyze relationships between data sets, organizations might be able to get ahead of attacks with predictive analysis opportunities unlike possible before.

Business Obstacles

1. Cybersecurity analysts must traverse immense amounts of data when a cyberattack occurs.

2. Overcome information silos. It can be difficult to understand if relationships exist between incidents or individual transactions in an attack.

3. Being able to quickly understand if a number of incidents are part of a single attack can be the difference between stopping a breach or allowing it to continue for days of continual damage.

Why Nebula Graph

Nebula Graph can securely process billions of data sets with trillions of connections, so it can uncover the significant meaningful data behind even the most sophisticated cyberattacks
Nebula Graph’s distributed high-availability architecture is also designed for scalability and recovery without disruption, removing any concern whether technical teams can process the data needed to get past a major cyberattack