Anti-Money Laundering & Fraud Detection

Fraudulent activities are more abundant than ever: money laundering, credit card fraud, skimming, and so on. Millions of fraudulent activities are reported to banks alone each year and account for billions of dollars in losses.

Desired Results

Businesses susceptible to online fraud schemes need to have a better understanding of how complex schemes are pulled off, not just to recover losses but to prevent new ones. This understanding is valuable to have for real-time analysis that creates the possibility of stopping fraud schemes before they finish.

Business Obstacles

1. A common obstacle for fraud experts is to traverse countless numbers of transactions to piece together potential crimes. It is one example of when to use a graph database.

2. Be able to understand how combinations of transactions and devices might be related to a single fraud scheme to ensure appropriate paths of investigation. This can include distributed information of individual account holders, various servers and IP addresses, and much more.

Why Nebula Graph

Nebula Graph, an open-source graph database, can securely process billions of data sets with trillions of connections, so it can uncover the significant meaningful data behind even the most sophisticated frauds
Nebula Graph’s architecture is high performing and scalable enough to ensure real-time analytics of billions of transactions and the multitude of relationships they might have with each other
Nebula Graph’s distributed architecture is designed for high availability so you can rely on it to have practically no disruptions regardless of the size of the job at hand