Nebula Graph v2.0.0-beta Release Note


Nebula Graph v2.0.0-beta Release Note

Nebula Graph v2.0.0-beta has just been released! This version supports full-text search and counting the number of nodes and edges within a graph space. Nebula Graph Studio, the graph visualization tool, and Go Importer, the data import tool, are both compatible with Nebula Graph 2.x.

Note: The compatibility of schema and graph data with Nebula Graph 1.x is still under development.

Nebula Graph

Compatible with more nGQL 1.0 queries

  • DESCRIBE TAG/EDGE INDEX is to obtain information about the index.
  • REBUILD TAG/EDGE INDEX is to rebuild an index.
  • SHOW TAG/EDGE INDEXES is to list the created indexes.
  • SHOW TAG/EDGE INDEXES STATUS is to return the created index status.

New features

  • Full-text search, allows users to write queries that match terms anywhere within the indexed string properties.
  • LOOKUP ON TAG/EDGE is to get all vertices of a tag or edges of an edge type.
  • SUBMIT JOB STATS & SHOW STATS is to get all vertices and edges in the current space.
  • Support more openCypher Clauses. – Partially supported MATCH clause – RETURN & DISTINCTLIMIT & SKIP
  • Add more built-in functions. – Predicate functions – Scalar functions – List functions – Aggregating functions – Mathematical functions – String functions – Temporal functions


Nebula Graph Studio

  • Compatible with Nebula Graph 2.x,refer to Studio.


How to Upgrade

Please note that you cannot directly upgrade to Nebula Graph v2.0.0-beta from Nebula Graph 1.x. Follow the steps below to upgrade from v2.0,0-alpha to the beta version:

  1. Stop all Nebula services
    1. Execute scripts/nebula.service stop all on each machine
    2. Execute scripts/nebula.service status all to confirm all services are stopped
  2. Install the new RPM package on each machine according to the OS you are using
    1. Get package:
    2. Uninstall the original RPM package rpm -e nebula-graph-2.0.0-alpha.el6.x86_64.rpm
    3. Install package: nebula-graph-2.0.0-beta.el6.x86_64.rpm
  3. Start Nebula
    1. Execute scripts/nebula.service start all on each machine
    2. Execute scripts/nebula.service status all to confirm Nebula services are started on each machine

If you encounter any problem during the upgrade, please feel free to leave your comment below!

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