Real-Time Recommendations

Social media, online retailers, streaming media, news outlets and similar businesses want to provide users with valuable in-the-moment recommendations.

Desired Results

A good real-time recommendation is done at the right moment and they make for ideal graph database use cases. This is what makes a good real time recommendation highly relevant. When a business can make recommendations highly relevant, they add true user value creating a two-way beneficial relationship.

Business Obstacles

1. The ability for a vendor or service provider to traverse all meaningful data is understood to create a better user experience.

2. But market leaders in these categories have billions of transactions and unusually large-scale data sets to filter through.

3. This creates complexity, not just in mining the data for significant results but also in the levels of performance required to get at it quickly.

Why Nebula Graph

Nebula Graph is the most capable open-source graph database available, able to handle the billions of data connections necessary for large-scale real-time recommendations unlike any other solution
Nebula Graph’s architecture is designed for high scalability so growing your real-time recommendations engine as needed does not disrupt business continuity