NebulaGraph Cloud

The fastest way to deploy a NebulaGraph cluster
With NebulaGraph Cloud, you can deploy NebulaGraph Databases on Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform within minutes, free from tedious installation, optimization, and maintenance. Its various visualized toolkits for Graph Database Management also allow you to experience a one-stop seamless cloud journey.
NebulaGraph Cloud
Out-of-the-box graph database solution in the cloud
  • Select how many nodes you need for each NebulaGraph service and the storage space you need to store your data.
  • Deploy a NebulaGraph cluster in the cloud based on your needs in a few clicks.
  • Upload and explore your graph data using our built-in visualization tools.
Why NebulaGraph Cloud?
Flexible and efficient
You can quickly build a NebulaGraph database without purchasing servers, storage devices, computing and network components. It only takes 5-10 minutes to prepare a complete environment for use.
Highly available
NebulaGraph clusters use Raft to implement data redundancy backup with multiple server rooms in the same city to ensure the reliability of data, and the high availability of the cloud computing infrastructure and cloud servers.
Easy to use
NebulaGraph Cloud provides online management of NebulaGraph clusters on Web and also provides corresponding visualized tools of NebulaGraph to help users get started quickly.
What's in the box
Get a 360° view of your data
Seamless graph database integrations
  • NebulaGraph Cloud offers an end-to-end solution: a distributed and extensible graph database, sophisticated tools to manage data, and efficient dashboards to import graph data and run queries. It comes with integrated database management tools and visual
Cloud access with private link
  • Private Link is a secure network gateway that provides private access to services hosted on the NebulaGraph Cloud or its partner cloud services. It is a powerful tool for building large scale applications across multiple endpoints in the cloud.
Role-based access control
  • Use role-based access control to invite users into certain graph spaces (and not others), giving them access to specific content and features to ensure yur business data security.
Premium support
  • We are always here to help. You can quickly create a work order on your cloud dashboard and a technical support specialist will help you solve your problem as soon as possible.
Global Availability
Our infrastructure is secure, extensive, and reliable, and served from hundreds of data centers provided by our partner cloud vendors globally. With Nebula Graph Cloud, you can deploy your graph database clusters across the globe in a single click, or build and deploy specific applications closer to your end-users with single-digit millisecond latency.
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