Nebula Dashboard
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Nebula Dashboard
Your window into Nebula Graph clusters
Nebula Dashboard is a free and open panel that helps DBAs and Ops navigate and monitor their Nebula Graph services and clusters in an intuitive way. It does everything from displaying performance metrics of machines and services to visualizing cluster health.
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Get a 360° view of your Nebula cluster
See your cluster health at a glance
1. Select how many nodes you need for each Nebula Graph service and the storage space you need to store your data.
2. Deploy a Nebula Graph cluster in the cloud based on your needs in a few clicks.
3. Upload and explore your graph data using our built-in visualization tools.
Easy to monitor - Easy to scale
The one dashboard to rule them all
· Create a Nebula Graph cluster of a specified version, import nodes in batches, scale up Nebula Graph services with one click
· Start, stop, and restart services on the visualized user interface
· Delete and unbind Nebula Graph clusters
Know issues anytime, anywhere
Be informed. Be alerted.
· Set up customized alert rules or use built-in rules
· View alert messages
· Send alert notifications via email, webhook, etc.
· Get Emergency-level alert notifications on any page in Nebula Dashboard
Different roles, different privileges
Fine-grained access control
· Support LDAP user authentication
· Use role-based access control to invite users into certain spaces, and give them access to specific content and features.
· Privilege distinction and cluster isolation
Why Nebula Dashboard?
You need to quickly find neighbor relationships from complex relationships, analyze suspicious targets, and display graph data in a visualized manner.
You need to filter, analyze, and explore a large data set in a visualized way.
You need to monitor Nebula clusters from different aspects such as time, aggregate rules, and key metrics.
You need log information about system failures once they occur.
Version comparison
Community edition
Monitor the status of cluster hosts
Monitor the information of cluster services
Monitor the information of the cluster
Enterprise subscription
Full life cycle management for Nebula Graph clusters
Single cluster information monitoring
Multi-dimensional metrics monitoring
Real-time alert notification
Task center
Privilege & role management
30-day free trial
Detailed parameters comparison
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