A Powerfully Distributed, Scalable, Lightning-Fast Graph Database

Nebula Graph is an open-source graph database unmatched in its ability to host super large-scale graphs using billions of vertices (nodes) and trillions of edges with milliseconds of latency. This empowers businesses to reveal untapped value buried in complex data.


Nebula Graph Features

Open Source

We are continuing to collaborating with the community to prepare, popularize and promote the graph database.

High Performance

Nebula Graph provides low latency read and write, while still maintaining high throughput to simplify the most complex data sets.


Nebula Graph's SQL-like query language is easy to understand and powerful enough to meet complex business needs.


Nebula Graph only allows authenticated access via role-based access control.


With a shared-nothing distributed architecture ,Nebula Graph offers linear scalability.


Nebula Graph supports multiple storage engine types and the query language can be extended to support new algorithms.


With distributed ACID transaction support, Nebula Graph ensures data integrity.

Highly Available

With horizontal scalability and a snapshot feature, Nebula Graph guarantees high availability even in case of failures.

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