Nebula Graph v2.6 Release Note

Sophie Xie

Nebula Graph v2.6 Release Note

Nebula Graph v2.6 has just released. In this version, functions such as TOSS, ZONE, Geo Spatial, transmission intelligence, and JSON format return etc. have been added, and the computation of index scan limit pushdown, YIELD data format, memory watermark detection and other functions have been optimized. Also, some bugs have been fixed.

New Features

  • Support TOSS

  • Support ZONE

  • Support Geo Spatial

  • Support crypto in transmission

  • Support to return query result as JSON format

  • Support to clone space meta

  • Support indexScan when using IN expressions in LOOKUP

  • Integration Breakpad

  • Support to copy the local folder of metad to remote

  • Support DELETE TAG

  • Support concat function



  • Optimize the computation of index scan limit pushdown

  • Optimize the calculation of sampling and limit pushdown at each step of the go statement

  • Better yield data format

  • Enable prefix bloom filter by default to improve performance

  • Support server to verify client version to make sure the connection reliability(client version start from v2.6.0)

  • Optimize flow control when pulling the entire partition

  • SHOW JOBS only show space related

  • Grant job permission for all roles except GUEST

  • Improve memory watermark detection

  • Support to kill the slow queries of storage


  • Fixed the bug that part of RocksDB data is cleaned when executing raftpart::reset

  • Fixed the bug that the nebula connection will be interrupted if the YIELD clause in LOOKUP contains aggregate function

  • Fixed the bug that mismatched dates are inserted

  • Fixed the bug that setting millisecond failed but microsecond worked

  • Fixed the bug that the Meta service crashed when too much data (millions of lines) are inserted in batches

  • Fixed the bug that getting edges crashed when no edge schema exists in SPACE

  • Fixed the bug that GO with WHERE clause expression eval when the property data type is FIXED_STRING

  • Fixed the bug of FIND ALL PATH

  • Fixed the bug that users without roles have the permission to find all roles of SPACE

  • Fixed the bug of the case expression

  • Fixed the bug that the infinite loop is returned when using time()

  • Fixed the bug that the JOB is still running when the node is already shut down

  • Fixed the bug that INSERT statements may cause inconsistent property values between replicas in the case of multiple replicas

  • Fixed the bug that SPACE goes wrong when submit job after USE

  • Fixed the bug that getting attribute error of the thrift structure failed when column is not nullable

  • Fixed the bug that graphd is still running even if the meta service is not ready

  • Fixed the bug that dangling edge returns a null vertex when using FIND PATH WITH PROP

  • Fixed the bug that executing YIELD DISTINCT map crashes

  • Fixed the bug that the service can still start with a wrong ip/host

  • Fixed the bug that repeatedly modifying the same property in one statement returns an error

  • Fixed the bug that the multi-step filtering on edge is invalid

If you encounter any problems in the process of using Nebula Graph, please refer to Nebula Graph Database Manual to troubleshoot the problem. It records in detail the knowledge points and specific usage of the graph database and the graph database Nebula Graph.

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