Nebula Graph DB
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Open Source, Distributed,
Scalable, Lightning Fast

The graph database built for super large-scale graphs with milliseconds of latency.
Use cases of graph databases in real-time recommendation
Nebula Graph joins LDBC to further the development of graph database international standards
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New version
Nebula Graph v3.1.0 released!
Optimized SUBGRAPH and FIND PATH for better performance. Optimized query paths to reduce redundant paths and time complexity. Optimized the method to get properties for better performance of MATCH statements.
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Proudly open source
Because a database should be open
Free as in freedom
Nebula Graph adopts the Apache 2.0 license, one of the most permissive free software licenses in the world. Free as in freedom, because, under the Apache 2.0 license, you can use, copy, modify and redistribute Nebula Graph, even for commercial purposes, all without asking for permission.
Open to contributions
We believe that great open source projects are not built in isolation, but rather by a community of contributors. We welcome contributions to Nebula Graph from anyone regardless of skill level or background in software development. If you have an idea for a feature you would like to see added, or you have identified a bug that needs fixing, please don't hesitate to submit an issue to our Github repository.
Open integration
Nebula Graph comes with a wide range of data visualization tools, including Nebula Dashboard, Nebula Explorer, and Nebula Studio. Using tools like Nebula Algorithm and Nebula Analytics, you can easily integrate Nebula Graph with other open source big data frameworks like Spark GraphX, Flink, and Tencent Plato, to enhance your graph computing ability.
The graph database following the cloud-native way
A graph database made for the cloud
Highly performant
Nebula Graph leverages the powerful storage engine RocksDB to provide low-latency read and write and high throughput. It uses a state-of-the-art design that delivers highly concurrent access, fast graph traversals, and efficient use of memory. Nebula Graph is the only database that can store and process graphs with trillions of edges and vertices.
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openCypher compatible
Nebula Graph’s nGQL query language is gradually compatible with openCypher. This enables openCypher users to easily get started with Nebula Graph with a zero learning curve.
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Horizontally scalable
With a shared-nothing distributed architecture, Nebula Graph offers linear scalability, meaning that you can add more nodes or services to the cluster without affecting performance. It also means that if you want to horizontally scale out Nebula Graph, you don’t need to change the configuration of the existing nodes. As long as the network bandwidth is sufficient, you can add more nodes without changing anything else.
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Resilient to failures
With horizontal scalability and a snapshot feature, Nebula Graph guarantees high availability even in case of failures. The snapshot feature allows users to take snapshots of a Nebula Graph instance at any point in time so that they can use them to restore data at that specific time. If a disaster occurs, Nebula Graph can be recovered from snapshots without data loss. When an instance fails, Nebula Graph will first remove this instance from the cluster and create a new one based on the snapshot to replace this failed instance. This process is fully automatic and transparent to clients.
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Production ready
Nebula Graph is mature, stable, and production-ready. Nebula Graph has been widely used in production by large internet companies including Meituan, Tencent, WeBank, Boss Zhipin, and Zhihu. These companies are using Nebula Graph in their production environments for real-world applications like knowledge graph, recommendation systems, and fraud detection.
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Distributed database system
Whether you are a DBA, architect, or data scientist
Nebula Graph is for you
If you are a
DevOps & DBA
· Visualized graph database and cluster management tool
· Effortless scale in and scale out
· Enterprise-grade security
· Automatic disaster recovery without downtime
· Deploy in single machines or clusters
If you are an
· Integrations with popular languages and tools.
· No cloud vendor lock-in.
· Shared-nothing architecture.
· Low-latency read and write and high throughput.
· Open source under Apache 2.0.
If you are a
Data scientist
· Powerful data visualization and graph exploration tools
· Deploy in your local computer
· SQL-like query language
· Visualized data import tools
· Connect to GraphX and Flink using Nebula Connector
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